Actual Test: Writing 14/10/2017

Actual Test: Writing 14/10/2017


There have been many inventions in the human history, such as the wheel. Some people think the most important thing is the internet. To what extent do you agree?


Thesis: [AGREE] The internet is the most important invention.

Body 1: Impact on individuals

  • Convenient: buyers, eaters, students
  • Refutation: lazy thinkers
  • Counterargument: work efficiency

Body 2: Impact on society

  • International economy: communication, online transactions...
  • Academic research: materials readily available
  • Refutation & Counterargument: plagiarism, copyright -> inspection

Body 3: The internet vs other inventions

  • Computers: isolated with the internet
  • Phones: too expensive without the internet
  • Printing: costly and space-consuming without the internet

Conclusion: Restate thesis.

The human history has seen a large number of major inventions: the wheel, electricity, the computer, to name just a few. The most significant of all, I believe, is the internet, considering its positive impact on individuals and the society. 

The internet has greatly bettered individual life. It has made almost everything more convenient. Buyers no longer have to queue so often as they can do online shopping; hungry eaters no longer have to get out in the middle of the night or bask themselves in the rain when hunger strikes as they can order easily from home; students feel no more need for frustration when taking international exams, as preparation materials and test samples are readily downloadable. Many put forth the argument that such convenience will produce lazy thinkers and couch potatoes, yet I would highlight the efficiency at work: the time saved from using the internet can better be spent for academic, professional or other useful purposes.

On a larger scale, the invention has done wonders to the development of the society. International economy has seen the biggest impact. Online transactions, teleconferencing, emails, social networks, etc, have all contributed to bringing serves closer to customers, yielding considerable profits for businesses and social assets for communities. The internet has also aided academic research to a great extent. It used to be an extreme burden seeking background knowledge on a certain field, for information was primarily stored in physical books carefully locked in library bookshelves. With the rise of online encyclopedias, e-libraries, and academic resources from universities worldwide, academics have become much more productive and innovative. Certainly there are the issues of plagiarism and copyright infringement, but these can be easily avoided and prevented thanks to meticulous human inspection

Other inventions have obviously produced similar results, but overall it is the internet that puts everything in slots. Computers have boosted work efficiency, but without a network they are isolated and definitely not maximized. The telephone connects people from all corners of the world, but international calls might be astronomically priced for the average phone user: internet-based calls are basically free. The printing industry has also prospered, but the purchasing and storing of paper-based materials are expensive and space-consuming. 

All things considered, there might be minor shortcomings the internet has accidentally been associated with, but looking from a general perspective, it rightfully wins the title 'BEST INVENTION' of the world. It has eased life, and enriched the society. 


Word count: 411, written by Mr. Tien Bui


1. to see a number of inventions: chứng kiến nhiều phát minh

2. significant (a) quan trọng, mang tính lịch sử

3. positive impact (n) ảnh hưởng tích cực

4. to greatly better sth (v) làm điều gì đó trở nên tốt hơn nhiều

5. to bask oneself in the rain (v) đắm mình trong mưa

6. readily downloadable (a) dễ dàng tải về

7. a lazy thinker (n) người lười suy nghĩ

8. a couch potato (n) người lười vận động

9. to be better spent for (v) có thể sử dụng tốt hơn vào các mục đích khác

10. to do wonders to (v) đóng góp tích cực cho

11. social assets (n) tài sản xã hội

12. academic research (n) nghiên cứu chuyên sâu

13. with the rise of: với sự phát triển của

14. plagiarism (n) nạn đạo văn

15. copyright infringement (n) vi phạm bản quyền

16. meticulous human inspection (n) việc thanh tra kỹ lưỡng do con người tiến hành

17. isolated (a) cô lập, tách biệt

18. to maximize (v) tối ưu hoá

19. be astronomically priced (a) có giá quá cao

20. paper-based materials (n) tài liệu bằng giấy

21. minor shortcomings (n) những khiếm khuyết nhỏ

22. to be accidentally associated with something (a) vô tình bị gán ghép với gì

23. to rightfully win the title (v) hoàn toàn xứng đáng với danh hiệu