Actual Test: Writing 25/11/2017

Actual Test: Writing 25/11/2017


The news media have become too much influential in people's lives nowadays and this is a negative development. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Intro: News media are influential, but not necessarily negative.

Body 1: News media are influential. 

  • They affect people's reasoning & decisions.
  • Example: hype headlines & business ads

Body 2: News media are not necessarily negative.

  • No news is bad.
  • News keeps people updated on information.
  • News helps children appreciate cultural differences.
  • News helps businesses. 
  • News spread good and bad happenings.

Conclusion: News media are not necessarily negative.

The society has always depended on the news media for updated information on social affairs. As technology thrives, news has taken on new strengths and has penetrated deep into people's lives. It is true to say the news media have influenced its audiences to great extents, but the impact is not necessarily negative.

People's decisions and reasoning have been much affected by the news. People generally are quick to jump to conclusions, so a hype headline like 'Hamburgers cause cancer: scientists' might throw many burger-lovers on fire. The majority of news readers do not approach content with a critical mind, thus their perspective of the world tends to get distorted and led, or misled, by whatever is claimed by major newspapers. The effect is even more obvious when businesses make themselves manifest via news channels: this kind of formula milk will enhance your kid's height, that English center is best for busy bees, another tourist destination is a must-visit for nature lovers. Surely, repeat exposure to such ads via mainstream news media will have people's mindsets moulded in certain ways.

Yet, news is still better than no news. Besides any potentially misleading information, the news media have equipped the world with the information it needs for better survival. As people in the East get posted on what is going around the West and vice versa, cultural awareness is promoted. School children learn to appreciate cultural differences across the globe, hence their greater tolerance as they mature. Entrepreneurs get to comprehend their next target market and how to secure it both culturally and economically (Starbucks would not have entered India had it not known of the country's growing taste for coffee). Also, online news channels help to distribute news at Hermes' speed, revealing social adversities and praising good deeds

It is unfair to label news media as harmful to people's lives, as in fact they have contributed to social prosperity. No news, indeed, is bad news for all.  


Word count: 330, written by Mr. Tien Bui (IELTS 8.5).


  1. social affair (n) chuyện thời sự
  2. to thrive (v) phát triển mạnh
  3. to take on new strength: mọc thêm cánh (có thêm sức mạnh mới)
  4. to penetrate deep into (v) thâm nhập sâu vào
  5. be not necessarily: không nhất thiết
  6. be quick to jump to conclusions: vội kết luận
  7. hype (n) giật tít
  8. with a critical mind: với một đầu óc phản biện
  9. perspective (n) cách nhìn
  10. to distort (v) làm méo mó, bóp méo
  11. to mislead (v) dẫn dụ
  12. to claim (v) tuyên bố
  13. to make oneself manifest: làm nổi bật
  14. repeat exposure (n) sự tiếp xúc thường xuyên
  15. mainstream news media (n) các kênh tin tức chính thống
  16. to equip sb with sth (v) trang bị thứ gì cho ai
  17. vice versa: nguược lại
  18. to appreciate cultural differences: chấp nhận những khác biệt văn hoá
  19. tolerance (n) sự bao dung
  20. entrepreneur (n) nhà kinh doanh
  21. to secure sth (v) đạt được điều gì
  22. a growing taste for sth (n) ngày càng yêu thích gì đó
  23. social adversity (n) những bất công xã hội
  24. good deed (n) cử chỉ cao đẹp
  25. to label sth as (v) gắn liền điều gì với điều gì
  26. social prosperity (n) sự phát triển của xã hội

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