Actual Test: Writing 30/09/2017

Actual Test: Writing 30/09/2017


The best way to reduce youth crimes is to educate parents with parental skills. To what extent do you agree?


INTRO: State opinion -> Disagree.

BODY 1: Parents should be responsible.

  • Most time spent with children.
  • Cultural beliefs.

BODY 2: Parental education on skills is necessary.

  • Bad skills: spoil children.
  • Many are not prepared.

BODY 3: Other stakeholders should be involved.

  • Name some other stakeholders
  • Counter argument: others have different responsibility
  • Refute: parents not 24/7 with children

CONCLUSION: Restate opinion.

 Young criminals: Who's in the fight?

Teenagers making their way into courtyards is no longer a rare sight. In every crook and cranny of the world, teenagers are getting into trouble, committing anything from minor offenses to major crimes. The fight lies in the hands of parents for sure, yet is should be best to involve other stakeholders.

It makes perfect sense that parents should be first on the front line. After all it is the parents who stay with these adolescents most of the time in their lives.  During one's formative years, parents help to shape their personality and character traits for the rest of their lives. For the next 12 years at day school, it is the parents whom they meet after all class hours. In Asian cultures, parents have long been considered the best and most important teachers of one's life. However, not all parents contribute to make things better.

Without adequate skills in managing a child and shaping their human traits, parents might actually turn their children into evil creatures of the society. The need to educate parents and provide them with the fundamental know-how it takes to bring up the children in the best manner is growing. In fact, parents of the modern world either do not spend enough time with the children since they are much obsessed with work, or lack basic parental training before they have actually produced offspring.

Having said that, parents alone cannot make a big difference. It takes schools, clubs, social campaigns, the government, and the teenagers themselves, to make sure the fight is a winning one. There have been reports of students who actually go off track since they are exposed to violence in school as well as social evils when they're out of the wings of the parents. Some are of the opinion that other stakeholders should only be accountable for the provision of skills and knowledge, and that's mannerism should rest with parents only. This is a weak argument considering the fact that parents cannot be on top of their kids 24/7.

In order to successfully reduce crime rates among young people, parents definitely should join the combat. But their lone efforts might lead to mixed results. When other social sectors come into play, the desired outcome will be better secured.


Word count: 400, written by Mr. Tien Bui (IETLS 8.5)


1.    Make one’s way into: xâm nhập, tiến vào, rơi vào đâu/ tình huống nào đó

2.    A rare sight: một cảnh tượng hiếm gặp

3.    In every crook and cranny of: ở mọi ngóc ngách

4.    To commit a crime: phạm tội

5.    To lie in: (vấn đề) nằm ở chỗ

6.    Stakeholder: bên có liên quan

7.    It makes perfect sense that: Hoàn toàn hợp lí khi cho rằng

8.    Be first on the front line: là người đầu tiên trong trận chiến

9.    To shape one’s personality and character traits: định hình cho tính cách của ai

10.After all class hours: sau tất cả những giờ học trên lớp

11.Have long been considered: từ lâu đã được cho là

12.Adequate skills: kỹ năng vững vàng

13.Turn one’s children into: biến trẻ con thành

14.The fundamental know-how: kiến thức cơ bản

15.To bring up children: nuôi con

16.Parents of the modern world: cha mẹ của thời đại mới

17.Be much obsessed with work: bị chi phối quá nhiều do công việc

18.To lack basic parental training: thiếu kỹ năng nuôi con cơ bản

19.Having said that: tuy nhiên

20.There have been reports of: Có báo cáo cho thấy rằng

21.To go off track: đi sai đường

22.Be out of the wings of one’s parents: ra khỏi vòng tay cha mẹ

23.Be of the opinion that: có suy nghĩ rằng

24.To rest with: (trách nhiệm) nằm trong tay ai

25.A weak argument: một luận điểm yếu kém

26.Lone efforts: nỗ lực đơn lẻ

27.Mixed results: kết quả hỗn tạp

28.The desired outcome: kết quả mong muốn

29.Be better secured: được đảm bảo hơn

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