Actual test: Writing 04/11/2017

Actual test: Writing 04/11/2017


It is difficult for people in the cities to get enough physical exercise. What are the causes and solutions?


Intro: Give causes and solutions.

Body 1: Cause 1 (work pressure)

  • Examples from work
  • Examples from study
  • Explain why people CANNOT make time for exercise

Body 2: Cause 2 (media)

  • Catchy social media content
  • Too much entertainment
  • Easy access to the above

Body 3: Solutions 

  • Education: increase knowledge & motivation; pro-health program
  • Campaigns: promote physical exercise

Conclusion: Restate causes & solutions.

The modern has witnessed the rise of couch potatoes and lazy sloths, especially in urban areas; in fact, city dwellers are finding it next to impossible to involve themselves in sufficient physical exercise. The phenomenon has much to do with work pressure and the media, and the situation can be improved via awareness campaigns and educational programs. 

Pressure from work is depriving people of the time they need for proper exercise. Looking at how people in the modern world have to fling themselves at assignments, dash off their feet after deadlines, and huddle all night over an early morning customer meeting presentation, it is easy to sense how work is detaching humans from non-work activities, exercise being the least prioritized. College students in Vietnam have recently made the headline in a famous national newspaper for being too sedentary in their lifestyle, favoring sleep and bubble tea for relaxation rather than a work-out at the gym or a 5-minute jog around the park. Many do claim they would love to set time aside for sports and physical activities, but have failed in all attempts, as work and study keep getting in the way: the fear of low performance overrides the dread of ill health

To contribute to the passive way of life, the media has been a key player. Social media is filled with catchy content, i.e. the Facebook newsfeed appeals much more to internet-users than the idea of doing push-ups. Also, entertainment of various forms has become so readily available that with only basic internet access of average speed, it is already enough for watching online movies overnight. Online games are making their way into the daily lives of many, taking up huge amounts of their time and keeping them inescapably hooked: youngsters in many Asian countries have been reported to spend days at internet bars glueing themselves to the screen, with some ending up dying from fatigue

To tackle the issue, it takes both education and social campaigns to yield the most desirable outcome. Schools need to take a proactive part in equipping students with necessary background knowledge in health, and more importantly a profound motivation to keep fit and stay healthy. For example, health lessons and even school wide pro-health policy programs might need to be included in the curriculum. Also, the government and NGOs can take their initiatives to run social campaigns which promote physical exercise as a low-cost and efficient way to maintain excellent general constitution. TV programs, adverts, banners, etc. need to intertwine with health content in such a way that doing exercise becomes perceived as trendy and worth the time. 

People tend to do less physical exercise due mainly to work pressure and the media. This situation can be dealt with by efforts from the education system as well as social campaigns. 


Word count: 476, written by Mr. Tien Bui (IELTS 8.5)


  1. next to impossible: almost impossible, hầu như không th
  2. to involve yourself in sufficient physical exercise: tập thể dục đầy đủ
  3. to have much to do with: có liên quan nhiều đến
  4. to deprive someone of sth: không cho ai có được gì
  5. to fling oneself at sth: lao mình vào (công việc gì)
  6. to dash off one's feet after sth: chạy (deadline)
  7. to huddle over night over sth: cặm cụi cả đêm làm gì
  8. to detach someone from sth: tách rời ai ra khỏi gì
  9. to make the headline: lên báo
  10. a work-out at the gym: mỗi lần đi tập gym
  11. to keep getting in the way: cứ cản đường
  12. the fear of low performance: nỗi sợ kết quả xấu
  13. to override sth: lấn át
  14. the dread of ill health: nỗi sợ sức khoẻ trên nên tệ hơn
  15. catchy content: nội dung thu hút
  16. be readily available: sẵn sàng
  17. to make one's way into sth: tràn vào trong (cuộc sống của ai)
  18. to keep someone inescapably hooked: giữ chặt ai đó không thể thoát ra
  19. an internet bar: tiệm internet
  20. to die from fatigue: chết vì mệt mỏi
  21. to yield the most desirable outcome: mang lại kết quả mong đợi nhất
  22. a profound motivation to do sth: động cơ nhiều để làm gì
  23. a school wide pro-health policy program: chính sách tuyên truyền sức khoẻ rộng khắp trong nhà trường
  24. to maintain excellent general constitution: giữ được tình trạng sức khoẻ tốt nhất
  25. to intertwine with sth: kết nối chặt chẽ với điều gì
  26. to be perceived as: được nhận thức như là

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