Essay sample #14

Essay sample #14

Essay task 14

Although many people value their public parks, this space could be better used for other purposes such as residential areas for the ever growing population or to develop business and boost economies. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this?


Thesis statement:it is necessary to maintain public parks 

Body 1: public parks serve a variety of functions

  • for exercising
    • many exercise-doers visit parks everyday 
    • parks have special meaning
  • for gatherings
    • hang out, unwind, reinforce relationships

Body 2: accommodation and business centers also contribute to the society

  • lack of housing will lead to many problems
    • poverty
    • health issues
  • financial centers help to boost economy 
    • Services should be available everywhere
    • They help to benefit from residents' wealth
  • those buildings do not take up space

Conclusion: restate

As a matter of fact, the population is booming everywhere, and people's lives are more and more challenging. Some people suggest clearing parks to make way for residential areas or financial centers. However, I believe it is necessary to maintain all of these in odder to ensure a holistic development of a country.

On the one hand, public parks play a significant role, as they serve a variety of functions. City dwellers need parks for exercising. A large number of exercise-doers visit parks on a daily basis in the morning and evening to enhance their physical well-being. To them, these parks have special meaning. Furthermore, parks are ideal for gatherings. Friends, families and couples go to parks to enjoy a day out together, unwinding after long days of working and reinforcing their relationships.

On the other hand, accommodation and business centers also contribute to the society. If there is a lack of housing, the population will suffer, especially those from crowded areas. Overpopulation can lead to all kinds of problems, ranging from poverty to health issues. Furthermore, to boost the economy, there needs to be financial centers. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and services of all kinds should be available everywhere. Without these, it will be impossible to benefit from residents' wealth. More importantly, both these types of buildings do not always take up space, as new technology makes it possible to take advantage of the vertical space: high-rise blocks of apartments and multi-story commercial centers will be beneficial to a city plan.

All things considered, both public parks and other structures are pivotal to the overall development of a society. Therefore, it would be logical to maintain parks, accommodation and business structures.

281 words, written by Mr.Bui Duc Tien


  1. boom (v): increase
  2. make way for (v): be replaced by
  3. residential area (n)
  4. a holistic development (n): a whole development
  5. serve a variety of functions
  6. city dweller (n): city inhabitants
  7. exercise-doer (n)
  8. on a daily basis (adv): everyday
  9. enhance physical well-being (v)
  10. enjoy a day out together (v)
  11. unwind (v) relax
  12. after long days of work(ing)
  13. reinforce relationships
  14. range from... to...
  15. boost (v): help to improve
  16. benefit from (v)
  17. be pivotal to (a): be very important to

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