Essay sample #13

Essay sample #13

Essay task 13

Due to the development and rapid expansion of supermarkets in some countries, many small, local businesses are unable to compete. Some people think that the closure of local businesses will bring about the death of local communities.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Thesis statement: when local businesses are closed, local life actually improves

Body 1: not all local firms offer benefits to the society

  • Small businesses lack funding.
    • -> facilities are not good
    • -> produce dangerous things & harm the environment
  • local businesses cannot bring in large economic benefits
    • lack of market & labor force ->cannot expand production
    • -> no benefit to the society

Body 2: large businesses bring huge advantages for the locality.

  • job vacancies
    • more people will be employed
    • unskilled workers can earn stable income
  • better quality of products
    • they can invest more money into market research
    • safety is ensured

Conclusion: restate

With the advent of huge supermarkets, a large majority of local businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy. However, this does not mean the death of local communities. From my point of view, when local businesses are closed, local life actually improves.

First of all, not all local firms offer benefits to the society. Private businesses on small scale usually lack funding. Therefore, their facilities tend not to meet the required safety level. Numerous small firms in my hometown operate without guarantee of the origins of products, of the manufacturing process, and of the safety procedure. These produce nothing but dangerous things to people's lives and the environment. The most severe case involves a household trying to produce plastic tubes, which in turn destroyed the underground water of the whole area. Furthermore, insufficient resources mean these local businesses cannot bring in large economic benefits. When there is not enough market research and labor force, it will be impossible to expand production. Without private income, the society does not benefit.

On the other hand, if large businesses are here to stay, there will be huge advantages for the locality. The most obvious boon is job vacancies. When a new factory is constructed, for example, more people will be employed, and their life will be dramatically enhanced. Unskilled workers in rural areas will have a chance to earn a stable monthly living. Another noticeable change will be the quality of products. Large companies can invest more money into market research as well as R&D, which will help them understand the needs of the society and manufacturing the highest quality products possible. Safety will also be ensured, as these companies have registered their business license with the authority: it is easier to supervise and monitor their manufacturing process.

All things considered, while it might be true that small businesses will be doomed with large enterprises enter local areas, this certain will lead to enormous developments to the places themselves.

326 words, written by Mr.Bui Duc Tien


  1. advent (n): appearance
  2. be on the verge of + noun/
  3. on a small scale
  4. lack funding
  5. meet the required safety level
  6. the origin of products
  7. the manufacturing process
  8. the safety procedure
  9. insufficient resources
  10. bring in large economic benefits
  11. market research
  12. labor force
  13. be here to stay: be permanent
  14. boon (n): advantage
  15. unskilled workers
  16. earn a stable monthly living
  17. supervise and monitor
  18. be doomed (a): be heavily impacted

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